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Your MRC Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Will Help You

Build a Marketing Approach and System To Generate Revenue 

MRC has 30+ years of experience in B2B medical device marketing. 

Your Marketing CMO will fit into your team, with a focus on:

  • Defining marketing strategy

  • Translating marketing strategy into action and results

  • Aligning marketing and sales

  • Mentoring your company's team in best practices

  • Keeping the focus on growth and driving revenue

By working with  us in this way, you will gain a marketing leader who is dedicated to your success, To help you acheive your goals without having to incur the high marketing operating expenses of a full time hire. We work on a pre-determined hourly monthly basis.

Ready to explore working together?

The Right Marketing Partner is Critical to Winning the Race

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“I trust MRC Medical to give me strategic solutions that work. You are a part of our corporate leadership and success.” 

“It was a pleasure working with the team at MRC. From the beginning the staff was able to listen, address our needs and create a solution to fit our budget and objectives.

“Our company is extremely proud of the awards, but knowing that MRC Medical is focused on our success and growth is what keeps us committed to a relationship with them.”

"It’s great not to have to think about the work because I know the quality will be there. Your work is outstanding!"

Build a Marketing System with a Senior Marketing Executive Who is Focused on Your Organization’s Growth

Driving Growth Monthly Plan:

•  Defining Marketing Strategy

•  Marketing Strategy Conceptualization

•  Translating Marketing Strategy in assets, action and results

•  Aligning Marketing and Sales

•  Mentoring Marketing Staff

•  Reporting

Programs starting at $2,500

Ready to Explore Working Together?

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