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News Flash: MRC Medical Communications is Honored with 75th National Award
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Virginia - AUVS' UV Box, launched by MRC across all media, now in more than 700 hospitals and hospital groups. MRC was also asked to direct AUVS' move into EMS, Food Processing, Hospitality and other markets.

California - LivsMed
 is working with MRC on Marketing Strategies and Messaging as well a copywriting, design and production on projects including VAC presentations, Social Media, eBlasts and Event support. MRC's work encompasses both Marketing and Training initiatives. 

Cardiff, Wales - MRC has completed Sales and Clinical Training Programs for Surgical Smoke Elimination company, Alesi Surgical. The company has moved on to a series of Voice-of-Surgeon interviews in print and video format to convey the health benefits of Alesi's innovative OR device.
New Jersey - Long-time client Azura Vascular Care, which manages a national chain of outpatient vascular care and ambulatory surgery centers, has turned to MRC for location photography supporting their centers' online presence in New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia and Connecticut to date.

California  - Yera Surgical Group has tapped MRC for their company launch and online presence including website, YouTube page and Social Media. Visit and watch for additional updates Winter 2021. 

New Jersey - Blickman turns to MRC for extensive photo and video shoots of more than 150 products.

New York - MRC working with Rexus to document value of client's product in treating Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and other neurological disorders.

California -  Covenant Healthcare Equipment & Consulting calls on MRC for second round of B2B management presentations. Update: Ongoing projects include website development, in-hospital poster series and product sell sheets.

New Jersey - Azura Vascular Care taps MRC for 14-part video series profiling their vasculare care and ambulatory surgery centers across the US.

Indiana - American Ultraviolet chooses MRC for two Training and two promotional videos for its UV Robot and whole room disinfection systems. All 4 videos were shot on-location in Indianapolis. 

Massachusetts - Medrobotics turned to MRC's for its Physician Referral brochure including concepts, copy and design.

London - MRC completes phase one of telemarketing program introducing Accora's Floorbed to US LTC market.

New Jersey - MRC launches new website for Rinn ABA Consulting. Site is designed to provide roafmap for parents of children on the Autism spectrum.

Ireland  - MRC working with specialized medical disinfection companies to expand UK market.

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