Through the years the principles of STORYTELLING has remained the same: Capture your audiences’ attention; entertain them; show them a perspective they may not have considered and ultimately, motivate them to act.

MRC Medical creates your story through a collaborative process by our writers, producers, graphic artists, camera operators, sound/light technicians and video editors.

Our In-House Studio Include:

  • 20' x 15' Studio - for tabletop still photos and model shots
  • Green Screen - a 10' x 20' Chromakey green screen
  • Control Room - Adjoins studio for visual and audio communication
  • Wardrobe/Make-Up – a fully-equipped make-up & changing room
  • Conference Room - Includes phone, internet access, coffeemaker, small refrigerator and 40" LCD Monitor
  • Studio Manager - to facilitate your requests and streamline production
  • Studio Staff – a full-service art department, prop acquisition and set construction services